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17 July 2017

The Liche Wizard's Revenge!

Not been in the mood to paint this past week so no updates for you on that, but I did manage to get in a game of Dragon Rampant in with my boy.
Bit of cheap narrative for you and then some pics of the game with the odd descriptor. :)

“And lo, the lands were awash with death. Crops withered, livestock took ill and the very life within the soil leeched away. Evil magic pollutes the very air and some say that the bodies of those recently laid to rest in the furthest-most settlements have risen from their graves, even attacking their own family members.
The Liche Wizard Roogarbito has escaped his 200 year imprisonment beneath Mount Pickle and has gathered a great undead host to wreck vengeance upon the descendants of those who left his body to rot. He marches with his unliving host toward the last great human city of Hook after already defeating the gathered armies of the nation of man.
Last remaining Lord of Man, Prince Erik, has received a report from his few remaining scouts that the evil Liche travels at the rear of his army and could be vulnerable to attack by a determined small strike force. Should he be brought down, then Prince Erik’s seers assure him that the dark magics holding together the massive undead host shall surely disappear and the threat to the living be vanquished!”

My son played the Liche and his Undead bodyguards – a unit of Skeleton Soldiers, Zombies (Held off table to be summoned in-game) and some Armoured Wights (Using Vampire rules).
I in turn played the humans using the “Northmen” army listings. Prince Erik (Chieftain), Two units of Thegns (Bellicose foot) and a Giant, who we decided was a merc of sorts that the Prince had convinced to help him out with promises of loot.

Enjoy the pics (And apologies if they come out huge, for some reason my cruddy home laptop had no way to reduce their size. I think I need to invest in MS Office :( )!

The setup - the Prince's forces know that the Liche will head towards the cross roads and array in an even spread to account for whatever the dastardly Wizard might bring to bear.

Skeletons on the road and flying armoured Wights in the trees (As they aren't affected by movement penalties)

Brave men of Hook. And a stinky giant.

Zombies held off table waiting to be magically summoned by their evil master.

Middle and Left flank units advance. My Boys on the right were cowards and spent two turns doing bugger all at the back.

Wights fly through the trees and Skeletons and Liche advance.

My son summons the zombies to deal with my left-most warriors.

Yikes, looks rather intimidating from here!

Meat, the Giant is ready to pound bones into dust!

The Evil Liche urges his zombies forward...

... to which my warriors bravely step up and bear combat!

And do a fine job of cutting down all but two of the undead rotters!

With only two  of their band left, the magic holding the zombies together dissipates and the last two crumble into fleshy puddles.

The Liche manages to shoot the Giant with a bolt of dark energy!

Enraged, the giant charges the Skeleton Shield Wall!

Back in those trees, those Wights spend three turns trying to untangle their floaty robes from tree branches. :)

The Meat swings his massive club and crushes bones, but in turn is poked and slashed at with rusty weapons....

And after yet another blast of dark energy decides that no amount of treasure is worth dying (And being added to the undead ranks) and so promtly runs orf. Sod.

The humans are now without their big hitter, but still have two large units of warriors and their Prince, they still have a chance, surely?

Prince Erik, angry at seeing his Giant bugger off, takes his fury out against the skeletons...

... and he forces them back after smashing a handful!

"Get off my Land!"

The Wights swoop down near the rightmost warriors and they charge them in kind. 

A fierce engagement ensues seeing the warriors push the ghastly unit back into the trees!

The left-most unit of warriors have a bead on the sorcerer! All they have to do is get to grips with the dead thing and they could end this madness! But no, the Sorcerer sends yet another bolt of dark energy out, blasting two of them and cause the rest to shit their pants and run for the hills! >_<

On the right, the fight becomes one of attrition.

Neither side do much damage.

The Prince tries to get to grips with the Liche, but he too suffers dark blasts.

The remaining warriors are tired and losing faith. Their prince is not able to close the gap and is being punished from afar for his efforts. 

With a final push, the Wights see off the warriors....

... and then move toward the prince to aid their dark master. (The Prince is on his last wound!)

At last! The Prince is able to rush the Liche and bring his axe of justice, could this be the moment of victory!!??

Wights move in from behind, knowing that should they reach the duel, they will easily turn the tide.

But no, the Great Liche Wizard Roogarbito has not spent all those 200 years plotting his revenge only to be thwarted by the likes of this bearded whippersnapper! With a barking laugh, the Liche takes off his horned helm and crashes it down on the head of his would-be assassin. This champion of Man will make a fine addition to his undead Horde.

My son played the game very well. He expected the zombies to do better, but really zombies are just a speed bump in this rules set. Keeping the Liche back and using his ranged attack just about every turn was perfect tactics and my humans suffered by not having any ranged attacks to shoot themselves. (He managed to roll the 7+ activation roll to shoot 9 turns in a row!!!)

Next game we play, he has decided that he wants to play the part of the humans, so now I'll have to get painting on some new fantasy figs!

05 July 2017

Spawn of Cthulhu - Chip off the old block

This is a post to showcase my son's recent painting! :) I'll be posting more of his stuff as I remember to take pics.

At 12, it seems that the coolest stuff apparently needs to involve poo and farts and rot and zombies and horror influences. This meant by son was overjoyed when he received this Reaper Miniatures Eldritch Demon as he is also a firm fan of the images of the Great Cthulhu.

I'm lucky in that we are able to paint standing side-by-side at my tall painting station, which makes for some really good bonding time. In two good sessions, the young man churned this tentacled beastie out with an ample usage of washes over a base-coat and swift dry-brush. This mini is quite large as well, about twice the size of a "human-sized" 28mm fig, so I was rather impressed when he declared it done. (I think I will be borrowing it to represent something nasty in one of my future roleplay sessions.

Hope you like. :)

03 July 2017

Comrade! (Part 20 - Lend Lease M3 Stuart - Done!)

This is about as "finished" as this little tank is going to get.

(If you are not aware of what the "Lend Lease Act" was, then you can read a brief history on it HERE)

A little under 1000 M3 Stuarts were sent to the Soviet Union under the US Lend Lease Act. The Soviet army wasn't the biggest fan of them though claiming they were too under-armoured, under-armed and poorly suited to the fierce Russian Winters with their narrow tracks and non-diesel engines. Still, they saw service until the end of the war serving in infantry support and recce roles.

I wanted a Lend Lease tank to represent the aid offered by the US to the then Allied effort combating Nazi Germany. I did not however want a boring Sherman... and really like the look of the Stuart's Lego-like profile. Plus in Bolt Action terms, this "Light Tank" as it's termed in-game, is way fewer points to add to an army list than a Sherman or even a Lend Lease Churchill (My favourite of all tank designs.).

The snow was added using the same recipe as my previous Winter vehicles - Army Painter Snow effect+Elmers White Glue+a drop of white paint. Apply where you think it would stick and collect. :)

*The pics are a little washed out as they were taken late at night after the snow effects had dried.

Five machine guns ready to blaze away!

Bit fuzzy this one. At least you get the idea.

I'm looking forward to seeing what this little tin can will do on the field of battle. Death to the Kraut!

30 June 2017

Comrade! (Part 19 - Lend Lease M3 Stuart WIP)

Short post to show some more progress on my previously shown Winter M3 Stuart tank for my Bolt Action Soviets.

Chipping/weathering is done along with some mud-splash effects. Also added some sloppy free-handed Star markings on the turret.

Just some chunky mud to add to the tracks and to the underside of the hull then snow effects before I can call this dinky tin can "done".

27 June 2017

Overdue - Lotsa WIPs

Been out of the loop for a bit – my Father died unexpectedly on the 17th May and so my hobby mojo disappeared for a while there.

After sorting out his funeral arrangements in Texas and a lot of alcohol, here I am back again to show what work has since (Like, just this past weekend) has gotten done.

(All pics are WIP’s, incase you get confused.)

First up, there’s going to be a Bolt Action tournament next month on the 16th at my LGS that I’m intending to attend. I switched up my normal Soviet list to try something new, with more infantry and a smaller armoured asset (Because that T34/85 is a pretty large points sink.). To this end, I have finally started work on my Lend Lease M3 Stuart. There’s a fun (And why wouldn’t you?) addition you can take to give the thing a total of 5 Medium Machine Guns, so I’m sure there’ll be a few groans amongst potential opponents when they see it plonked on the table.

So far it’s just been primed, base coated in Vallejo Russian Armour and had Winter White Wash applied. (Just watered down white paint slapped on with a small flat brush.) Still lots to go – Weathering, Markings and mud&snow effects.

I also painted up the Tank Commander. She is the only mini that I’ve finished painting on. I like her scared expression – after I told my regular opponent Densmol about the Stuart, he just laughed and announced “Good more food for my Tiger.”. Her expression is her realization of this fact. :)

After I get the Stuart painted up, I’ll get working on the new squad of infantry in my list. These chaps are Warlord Games’ Winter Soviet Veteran set and will look very cool all painted in whites to go with the rest of my Winter theme’d army.

On the spur of the moment, I also picked up a new transport option for my Soviets, a Lend Lease M3 Half-track. This is a Blitzkrieg Miniatures resin model that I managed to grab very affordably in their recent single-day 50%-off sale. So far it’s cleaned up and ready for priming, but not a priority to get working on just yet as it’s not included in my tournament list. It came with no crew, so I also converted a plastic Soviet tank commander to fit in the driver’s seat. Even though his arms are folded, once in the half-track you can’t tell, so he’ll work fine.

Shortly before I traveled to Texas, I managed to play Shadow War: Armageddon with Sean and LasGunPacker at my house. Didn’t get to finish up my terrain pieces as I’d hoped, but we got in two games and had a lot of fun. Unfortunately I didn’t get any good pictures of the games, but LasGunPacker  did and stuck up a good post on his blog describing the first game for those interested. One of the terrain pieces I was working on is the below. Not going to paint it up for a bit though as I’ve no games right now scheduled for the near future, but I think at least it looks cool. Still a wee console thing to add to the top level, but otherwise this thing is good for gaming and provides a nice tall piece to play on.

The Shadow Wars games were so fun, I got some work done on an Imperial Guard Preacher model for my Inquisitor team. He’s about 80% complete.

Lastly, I realized I haven’t much in the way of random scatter terrain to lay down for (any of) my games, so I started working some on some resin and 3D printed crates, walls, bookshelves and objective-markers.

 That's it for now. Long post, but lots to see and hopefully some finished pieces to show off in next post. Cheers.